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Nov 27, 2009

English Grammar (5)

Types and order of modifiers in front of a noun:

The modifier refers to all words that relate in their function to the noun. This includes:

A. Articles:

Definite article: the + (singular and plural nouns)

Indefinite article:

a, an + (singular)

no indefinite article with plural nouns

e.g. a book > books

B. Determiners:

Positive quantifiers:

A great deal of + un countable nouns

Much + uncountable nouns

Many + uncountable nouns

A great many + countable

A lot of + countable and uncountable nouns

Lots of

Plenty of + both types



Negative quantifiers:



not any

not all

few + countable

little + uncountable

hardly any + both countable and un countable

scarcely any + both

not many + countable

not much + uncountable

C. demonstrative pronouns :

this + (singular) / these + (plural)

that + (singular) / those + (plural)

D. possessive personal pronouns:







E. possessive nouns:

e.g. Mary's book

The Chairman's office

The order of modifiers in front of a noun :

1. determiner

2. sequence

3. number

4. quality or character

5. size

6. shape

7. age

8. temperature

9. shape (it can either be no.٦ or ٩ in the order)

10. colour

11. origin

12. location

13. noun

14. noun head (the described noun)

The above list is a full list. However, it is not common that we have more than tree adjectives in front of a single noun or else it would be difficult to understand them.

However, the adjectives can stand alone without a noun and come after the verb only with "verb to be", and similar verbs like:



look These verbs are called linking verbs,

smell i.e., they do not involve any action.





I Am happy.

He looks sad.




Except with such verbs, you cannot end your sentence with an adjective but with an adverb:

He writes (quick)> quickly.

He draws (beautiful)> beautifully.

• You can describe an adjective with an adverb.

adv. adj.

I feel extremely happy.

adv. adj.

He was completely sad.

Here the adverb does not modify the verb but it modifies the adjective.


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