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How to deal with this part:

For ease of reference, all the entries in this part have been listed alphabetically rather than being divided into separate spelling, usage,punctuation and grammar sections.You will therefore find hypocrisy following hyphens; paragraphing following paraffin; who or whom? following whiskey or whisky?; and so on.


Cross-referencing will help you locate words with tricky initial letters.

aquaint Wrong spelling. See ACQUAINT.

Plural words are given alongside singular nouns, with cross-referencing to relevant rules and patterns.

knife (singular) knives (plural). See PLURALS (v).

There is also a general section on plurals and another on foreign plurals.
If it’s the complication of adding an ending that is causing youtrouble, you will find some words listed with a useful cross-reference.

dining or dinning? dine + ing = dining (as in dining room)din + ing = dinning (noise dinning in ears)See ADDING ENDINGS (i) and (ii).

There are individual entries for confusing endings like -able/-ible;-ance,-ant/-ence,-ent; -cal/-cle; -ise or -ize? and for confusingbeginnings like ante-/anti-; for-/fore-; hyper-/hypo-; inter-/intra-and many others.

soon we will start with letter (A)


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