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Sep 23, 2008

English Grammar (1)

Outline of the Course 
To the Learner: 
This book is designed in such a way as to give you courage and confidence in your first exposure to language at the beginning of your career as  a would-be translator. This aim is achieved through the  simplicity of the content, organization of material and the minimization of the learn-off by heart tasks that you have to carry out. 

The book includes four units. The first is devoted to parts of speech and word order. The second deals with the tenses. The third tackles the passive voice. Unit Four takes up sentence structure dealing with the simple, the compound and the complex together with all the connectors that are 
involved in all types of sentences, clauses and phrases, in addition to their semantic and syntactic differences. Only major problems are introduced, others are left to the next term. 

The exercises begin by the  easiest and move to the more difficult, again to encourage you proceed with your answering them confidently. 

General Aims of the Course 
1.  This book introduces you to the basic problems of the structures of the different types of sentences, essential to being able to read,  write and accordingly to translate them correctly. 

2.  It aims to make you comfortable and confident in dealing with the English language grammar 
by setting most of the rules in clear, well-planned tables at the end of each sub-module. 

3.  It uses everyday, simple, examples to make rules easily remembered and to make the book 
suitable for its being a reference. 

4.  It presents comprehensive exercises to cover all points and check your understanding of the rules and your ability to avoid making mistakes in applying the rule to your writing or translation. 

How to Study 
 Dear learner 
 In order to help you make the best of your study, we advise you to do the following
 Follow the explanation and examples and make sure that you understand the meaning of the written material.  At the end some sub-division, you will find a table that sums up the grammatical rule with the most important 
details. Make sure that you are  well acquainted with the information. Wherever is required you have also to do some learn-off by heart tasks that are minimized in this book. Do not simply read the chapters and pencil in some answerers, but rather copy out whole sentences. It is the complete sentences that make up the language not the single words, however many, or memorizing the rules. 

The Assessment Guide 
This guide helps you measure your progress. Check your answers: 
If you are able to answer  75٪ of the exercises correctly,  you have successfully grasped this point —> Good effort. *** 
From 75٪ to 50٪: maybe you lost some of the points and you need to quickly revise them to see what is wrong. ** 
From  50٪ to below: Perhaps you were tired or you are confused about many points. The best thing is that you start working tomorrow and begin by viewing the lesson again. I am sure the results will be better.  * 
Good Luck 


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I would like to lean more english especialy in the deep of grammer

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